15 tips to extend the life of the battery Of Any Android


15 tips to extend the life of the battery

15 tips to extend the life of the battery

One of the issues that cell users most dislike is the battery. Many complain that they do not arrive at the end of the day with enough charge and that they have to plug in the equipment constantly. Also, after a few months of use, the device usually loses its response.

Is it possible to find a good solution for this? We must understand that in recent times the use of smartphones has increased exponentially: the statistics say that the cell phone is viewed about 150 times a day. And the rules are simple: the more you use the device, the greater the requirement that will be imposed on the battery.

Anyway, there are some techniques that allow you to gain hours of autonomy and extend the life of the battery. Travis Lanier, product manager at Qualcomm, shared some tips:

The resolution. 

“The higher the resolution level of the screen, the greater the use of the battery, in fact, this is one of the things that have the greatest impact on the battery”, the specialist emphasized.

The processor. 

The type of chip as well as the technology that it has is fundamental. The latest generation has different alternatives to optimize the battery.


If the modem or the type of connectivity is not optimal, then the battery has to make more effort for the device to work.

RAM memory.

“Users are very aware of this issue, they all want phones with a lot of RAM, but they should consider that the more RAM the smartphone has, the more energy will be consumed,” the expert said.

The applications.

Regarding the user, it is essential that you close those apps you are not using. In particular, those that consume more energy. You should also consider removing those that are not used much. From the software, options are offered to see how much each program is consuming, stressed Lanier. From the Settings option, both in iOS and Android, you can enter to see how much battery each of the applications is consuming. Based on this it is possible to choose which applications to maintain and which ones to remove or close.

Other issues to consider:

Applications to manage the battery. 

There are options like Greenify that, when the battery is running low, automatically stop the processes that consume a lot of energy. This can also be done from the operating system of the smartphone. Both in iOS and Android, it is possible to choose the option Energy saving to avoid overloading the device.

The brightness of the screen. 

Reducing the brightness of the screen is essential to achieve more autonomy in the team.

Get away from 0%. 

It is not convenient to wait until the batteries are completely discharged to plug them in. Many specialists suggest charging it before it reaches 0% to prolong life.

Avoid continuous connection. 

Once the battery reaches 80% or 100% charge, it can be unplugged. The habit of using the smartphone as if it were a “landline”, ie all the time connected to the power cable, is harmful to the health of the equipment. If there really is no other option because the battery does not resist, then it’s time to think about changing it. Or to buy a new cell phone.

Beware of Wi-Fi. 

It is suggested to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when you are not using these services since they consume a lot of energy.

Some fresh air, please. 

Exposure to high temperatures is one of the things that cause the most damage in batteries. That’s why you have to prevent the phone from spending a lot of time in the sun or stored in places where it is at the mercy of extreme heat.

The type of charger.

It is always advised to use the charger with which the smartphone comes. Employing any other can not only reheat the battery but can even destroy it.

Control the updates.

It is essential to configure the equipment in such a way that the updates of the different social networks can be done manually. This prevents them from consuming energy even when the smartphone is not being used.

Calibrate the battery. 

If the phone already has several months of use and the battery does not respond, it can be recalibrated. To do so, wait until the battery is at 0% before charging it. This should be done only once every two months and not frequently, as it can be counterproductive.

Start from scratch

When all else fails, a good alternative is to re-establish the factory values. This eliminates everything installed so far and starts over from scratch. It is convenient to make a backup beforehand so as not to lose valuable information.