Affiliate Marketing: What is affiliate marketing and earn money from it?

What is Affiliate Marketing, how it works and how to earn money from it will cause a lot of doubts in your mind? In today’s subject, we will talk about him. Nowadays, there is a time of the computer, internet, and online shopping/marketing. The trend of online shopping is going on and it is gradually becoming famous, so many people are showing interest in online business and making money by making e-commerce site and personal blog.

Those who have been an online business for a long time, know about affiliate marketing or have been heard again. Many bloggers use it in their blogs and there are some bloggers who do not use it in their blog, there are many reasons for this, either they do not have much knowledge about affiliate marketing or they Do not hesitate to think whether it will be appropriate to use it in your blog or not.

Today, in the article we will learn about what is affiliate marketing? I am going to tell about this, so that the new bloggers who have no information about them will be known and who know a little bit and hesitant to use it, they will also know about the fate of using it. You will have to read this article altogether so that all the secrets related to your affiliate marketing will be cleared. So let’s begin without delay.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way through which a blogger sells the product of one company through its website and when a visitor purchases that product by clicking on the link of that product, the blogger receives a commission from that product’s company. Whatever commission is available, it depends on the product, which type of product it is, such as in fashion and lifestyle categories and less commission on the electronics product.

It is very important to have more traffic on your website or blog to promote any kind of products through your website. At least 5000 visitors per day. If your website is new and there are fewer visitors then applying the products ads on your website will not make you much more profitable. So it’s better than you put affiliate products in your blog only when visitors to your blog start getting more.

How Does Affiliate Marketings Work?

The answer to this question is very important to know those people who are connected to the online field. If they want to start their affiliate then it is very important to know how Affiliate Marketing works for them. If a product based company or organization wants to increase the sales of their products then they have to promote their products. That’s why they have to start their affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing is based on a business commission. When someone else joins that blogger or website owner, then the company or organization that launches this program provides a banner or link to promote their products on their blog or website. After this, That blogger has to put that link or banner differently on your blog or website.

Since there are many visitors daily in the site of the blogger or website owner, it is possible that some of them visit the offer that has been shown to the show then it reaches websites of product based companies and buys something or sells any service. In exchange for that, the company or organization, in turn, gives commission to that blogger in exchange for it.

Definitions related to Affiliate Marketing

There are some terms used in this marketing, for whom we all know it is very important. So let’s get information about some such definition.

  • Affiliates: Affiliates are called those who join an Affiliate program, promote their products on their sources such as a blog or website. This can be any person.
  • Affiliate Marketplace: There are some companies that offer affiliate programs in different categories, they are called Affiliate Marketplaces.
  • Affiliate ID: This is a unique ID that is received by signing up. Each affiliate is given a unique ID by Affiliate Programs, which helps Sales in collecting information. With this ID you can log in to your Affiliate account.
  • Affiliate link: This is called a link that is provided to the affiliates for product promotion. Visitors visit a product website by clicking on these links, where they can buy a product. These links track the sales running the Affiliate program.
  • Commission: After a successful sale, the Amount that is the blogger or the person who sells (affiliate) is called commission. This amount is provided to Affiliate according to each sale. It may be a few percents of the sale or an already fixed amount such as in terms and condition is already mentioned.
  • Link Clocking: The affiliate links often look a bit awkward and appear like this, for such links are made short by using URL shorters called Link Clocking.
  • Affiliate Manager: Some affiliates are appointed to help affiliates in some affiliate programs and give them the right tips (tips); they are called affiliate managers.
  • Payment Mode: The payment method is called Payment Mode. This means that the medium through which you will be given your commission. Individual Affiliates offer different modes. Such as cheque, wire transfer, PayPal, etc.
  • Payment Threshold: Affiliate Marketing are offered some commissions when you make a required sales. After making this sale you will be eligible to earn the payment. This is called a payment threshold. The amount of payment threshold for different programs is different.

How to earn money from affiliate marketing?

In today’s times, many bloggers have preferred affiliate marketing and have very good income; the best way to earn money from the blog via affiliate market is to do. To earn affiliate marketing, we have to register in any one affiliate program and register. After registering, we have to add a link to the ads and products we give them to our blog. When any visitors who come to our blog click on that advertisement and buy the product; we will get a commission from the company owner.

Here the question arises, which company does the affiliate program offer? So the answer is that there are many companies on the Internet who offer affiliate programs. Some of them are very famous such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, GoDaddy, etc. All such companies offer affiliate programs in which you can simply sign up or register with the company and by selecting their products; you can make a lot of money by adding a link or ads to your blog. And to sign up or register we do not have to pay anything to the company.

You can find out about which company gives service to the Affiliate Program by searching on google. Just like the name of a company, please say Amazon and write Affiliate with that name and search in google; if the company offers affiliate program then you will get it from there and; you can easily connect with that company Are. But before joining any company, read its terms and conditions.

How does the payment get from affiliate marketing?

It relies on different affiliate programs to support which modes to pay to their affiliates. But almost all program payments require bank transfer and PayPal. There are some terms used in the affiliate program, in which affiliates receive commissions such as Follow:

1) CPM (Cost Per 1000 impressions): This is the amount which is affiliated by the merchant (i.e., by the owner of the product); which means that they promote their product on the advert There are 1000 views; then the merchant affiliate gets a commission on their behalf.

2) CPS (Cost Per Sale): This amount is received by affiliate when a visitor purchases products from his blog. On the basis of the number of people who buy the products; the affiliate gets a commission on every single purchase.

3) CPC (Cost per click): On the affiliate blog, every click of a visitor on advertisement, text, banner gets a commission.

Can we use Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense At the same time?

The answer is yes, with affiliate marketing, you can make money in more and less time than Google Adsense. And it is not against Google Adsense terms of service as it is completely legal. You can comfortably use both in your blog. The more hard work we have to get to Approval Google Adsense, we do not have to work hard to use affiliate marketing; so most bloggers prefer making money from affiliate marketing. The more product you sell, the more income you have.

If you add related products to your blog, you will get more profit. That is to say, if your blog is content with gadgets, then by putting it to the relayed ads; it will increase the likelihood of clicking on your visitors’ ads and making you more profitable.

What are Popular Affiliate Marketing sites?

There are so many affiliate marketing companies available on the internet, but today I will tell you about some of the most popular and best companies that give you more commission.

Before joining any affiliate program, you should first get all information related to that program. If you want to know about a company’s affiliate marketing program then you will have to search by writing an affiliate in front of the company name on any search engine. and if that company is an affiliate program, then it will show up in search results.

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites :

  1. Amazon Affiliate
  2. Clickbank
  3. Commission Junction
  4. eBay

How to join affiliate marketing sites?

If you want to join any of the Affiliate Marketing Sites then you can do this very well. For this, you have to follow a few steps which you can easily start your Affiliate income as soon as you follow.

Here in the bottom, you will tell people how to join Amazon Affiliate. First of all, you have to go to the affiliate page of the company whose affiliate program join you; as if you have to join an Amazon affiliate, you will have to create a new account where you will be asked for some important information such as –

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Identity Card’s Detail
  • Blog/Website Url (where you will promote company product)
  • Payment Details (where you want all your earnings to be sent)

After you fill up all the details properly, after registering, the company Reviews your blog And sends you a confirmation mail. When you log in to register, you will see a dashboard where you can select the products; copy its URL or link, And share it on your blog/site or social media from where people buy that product and you can earn money easily.

Take care of these things before joining the Affiliate Program

Whenever you want to join a new Affiliate Program or enroll in an Affiliate Network, then you should take a few things first. Let us know about this: –

  • What banners are available in it
  • What is available in Promotional matter
  • Whether or not the affiliate control panel
  • Minimum payout is__
  • What is the payment method__
  • the tax form is required or not

It is your good to know about all these factors beforehand because they will know a lot about them; which will help you decide whether you are willing to promote these particular products. For example, if you select a seasonal product and their minimum payout is about $ 1000. Then you will have to be sure whether you can achieve this goal in that particular season. If yes then it is fine and if not then you should be prepared about it already.

Bonus tip: If you can join big and famous brands then; this can prove to be a very big addition to your affiliate marketing campaign.


This was Affiliate Marketing in Hindi and some information about how to earn money from it; due to which you can earn a very good income. Hope you liked this article. Please tell us how this article felt, by writing a comment; so that we too can get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something. In order to show your happiness and excitement towards my post; please share this post on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, And Google+.