Anonymous web browsing For Pc, Laptops And Smartphones

Anonymous web browsing For Desktop

First of all you may believe that all your Web surfing activities are anonymous or safe; but a great deal of information is being transferred to and from the websites you browse every time on the internet.

Anonymous web browsing-For Pc

After you close your browser, the history of all the sites you’ve visited is stored on the computer; and you may not be aware that most of the websites keep logs of visitors IP addresses and other data.

If you wish to make your web browsing anonymous; most of the browsers offer secure and safe browsing modes to its users when surf the internet.

Follow the steps below; to activate anonymous web browsing feature in major web browsers:
Internet Explorer ?
  • Open Internet Explorer – and Go to the “Tools” menu. Select the option “In Private Browsing” to open a new window that activates this secure browsing feature. The keyboard shortcut for this feature is – press “Ctrl+Shift+P” on the keyboard to launch the In Private browsing window. Or you can right-click on the Internet Explorer icon in your “task bar” and select the “InPrivate Browsing” option from the menu.
  • Now you can browse the internet as you normally do. If you are visiting websites where you have accounts; you need to log manually at all those sites because In Private browsing mode will not allow the system to store any of your account information. If you are not using In Private browsing mode, your login information is stored by third party sites.
  • After you finished browsing you can close the InPrivate browsing. when you close the window; You should not have any content you want to save in the tabs as all information will be lost.
Mozilla Firefox ?
  • Start Firefox and click the “Firefox” button on the upper left corner of the window. Select the “Private Browsing” option from there. Keyboard shortcut for this is – Ctrl+Shift+P to start the private browsing session.
  • You need to select “Start Private Browsing” button to begin anonymous web browsing session. If you have any tabs open they will be saved and closed. This allows you to recover the current browsing session once you are finished with private internet browsing. The color of the “Firefox” button will change to purple to indicate that private browsing is activated.
  • Browse as you normally do, just keep in mind that no user data or your preferences will be saved or loaded from previous sessions. Press “Ctrl+Shift+P” and Select “Stop Private Browsing” option to return to standard browsing mode. This will reload your previously saved internet session.
Google Chrome ?
  • If you are using Google Chrome, launch Chrome and select the “Wrench” icon to open the options menu. Click on the “New Incognito Window” to start Chrome’s Incognito Mode. This will open a new window with an Incognito Mode icon that looks like a man in a trench coat. The keyboard shortcut is “Ctrl+Shift+N” while you are in the Chrome browser.
  • When you are in anonymous web browsing mode just browse the internet normally. No user data and preferences will be saved and loaded from the previous session; .
  • when you close the window To end the private browsing session, close the Incognito Mode window. All cookies or account details of your browsing session will be deleted .
Here are other options available to browse the web anonymously:
  • There is a browser called TOR that is designed specifically for masking the IP addresses. The website routes the browser traffic through its own servers to hide the IP address or other information.
  • Firefox has various plugins that can perform this task. You can install the plugins TORFox and Ultrasurf. If you are using Firefox for internet browsing; Ultra-surf is also available for Internet Explorer users. If you are a Chrome user, you can install the TOR plugin; that will add a toggle button to the browser to turn anonymous web browsing on or off.
  • You can manually delete all cookies, history of sites, temporary files and other data using the “Options” menu and selecting “Preferences” feature of your browser. Turn on the never remember password option in the browser.
  • When you surf the Web; off the “third party” cookies to minimize the data stored . Cookies on your computer can be used by other websites for advertising or other purposes.

Also You can use VPN, VPN means Virtual Private Network; He provides you a secure way to surf the web on your mobile or any platform from anywhere in the world by hiding your IP address. If you do not want your privacy to be compromised, you should search for the best VPN services to minimize the risks involved.