Benefits Of Running And Jogging, And their Rules And Tips

Benefits of running and jogging, rules and tips – Benefits of running and jogging

Benefits of running and jogging, rules and tips

Benefits of running and jogging, rules and tips

Studies show that running every day for 20-30 minutes is very good for your health. Running is very fast with less weight. It strengthens our respiratory system, heart muscles, and stomach and enhances oxygen and blood circulation throughout our body. So today we know about the benefits of jogging.

Running Benefits For Lungs – Running Benefits For The Respiratory System

Running strengthens our stomach muscles and has an ABS tone. Riding can get rid of various problems related to the respiratory system.

Benefits of running for the heart

Running on a regular basis strengthens our heart, running oxygen and blood circulation increases in the body.

Jogging Benefits To Enhance Energy – For Jogging Energy

By running, our body makes some chemicals, which makes us feel more happy and energetic.

Running and jogging improves health – Running and jogging improves your health

Whether you value or not, running and jogging helps to improve your health. Research says that good running levels of cholesterol (good cholesterol) increases due to running. Additionally, the ability to function in the lungs can also be increased. Apart from this, running allows boosting resistance and reduces the risk of blood clots.

Running and jogging protects against disease

For women, running and jogging reduces the risk of breast cancer. It also helps reduce the risk of stroke. Nowadays, most doctors recommend running or jogging those who have problems related to sugar, high blood pressure, and bones. It has also been proven that running and jogging can reduce the risk of heart attack. They have the flexibility of the arteries and the heart gets stronger. Thus the possibility of heart attack decreases.

Running and jogging reduces weight too

Running or jogging is considered to be the best practice to keep weight down or balance. This is also easier to burn calories in this way. This is a very effective exercise to burn calories that burns calories every single minute.

Running and jogging boosts your self-confidence

All the benefits of running and jogging are not physically beneficial. Running or jogging increases your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Running and jogging gives relief from tension

Stress has many physical and mental problems. It also decreases hunger and sleep. When you run, you force your body to power more energy. With the help of jogging or jogging, the headache problem also decreases.

Running or jogging reduces depression

Whenever you are in a depression, then you can run out to run or jogging. After a few minutes of running or jogging, your brain will begin to secrete hormones, with the help of which your mood will start recovering automatically. Rather, there are some things in the world that treat depression faster without medication and one of them is exercise.

Rule of running

Rules of running are as follows:

  • Running requires only time and energy, in this our money is not spent.
  • Before running, our objective should be that we run as many races as possible.
  • We should run at least 3 to 5 times a week.
  • For the first time we should start walking, then it should start walking a little bit faster, then we should start running slow, then gradually increase our speed. Because if you run fast from the beginning, then you will get tired quickly and you can even harm yourself.
  • You should always keep changing your path to run so that you do not feel boring.
  • Make a healthy and balanced diet for running and jogging.
  • Do not eat anything more before running or jogging.
  • Do not exercise to run in more summer days.
  • Before running and jogging, drink more and more water during and after.
  • Take the phone along with you, so if you have any problems, you can tell your family members.
  • If you are listening to songs from an iPod or a headset while running or jogging, then do not listen in a loud voice.
  • Before running or jogging, tell someone how long you are going out to run out and how long they will be back.
  • Select lively streets to run or jog. Did not go through such roads where no one could go.
  • If you are injured while running or jogging then show your doctor immediately.

Which people should not run

Patients with heart problems, patients with respiratory problems, should not run the sick patient for many days, you may have problems with this.

What is the difference between running and jogging

The difference between running and jogging is of intensity. Running has to run fast, which involves more kilojoules and more races than jogging have to be tried with the heart, lungs, and muscles. In running, more body energy than jogging takes higher levels.

Running and jogging are both forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ – ‘Aerobic exercise’ means any physical activity that combines oxygen with blood glucose or body fat to form energy.

Set goals for running and jogging

Choose what you want to achieve with running or jogging. This example can be some of them –

To fit – If you are new to exercising, start exercising with fast walking. Then slowly move towards the jogging and running process. This way you can take a few months.

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For common fitness – running or jogging exercises can be combined with any other exercise (like swimming or playing with the team), to increase your overall fitness.

Weight Loss – all fresh in your diet fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low- fat with dairy products to include. Also do not consume fat, sweet drinks and sugar. Run alongside it or add jogging to your routine.

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For friends – You can race or jog with friends or join any common running club.

For the competition – some clubs bring challenging events for you. You can also show your rowing or jogging skills in a fun way in a marathon. Many communities based on race depend on age and abilities.

Select the right shoes for running and jogging

Selection of the right shoes for jogging and jogging like this –

  • Do not wear old shoes. Older shoes cause common causes of injury.
  • Running shoes easily bend down to where (shoes can turn feet off tight, it is good to wear shoes that are easy to turn), relaxes the feet, and having a comfortable substance on the ankles, your ankles Does not hurt.
  • Shoes should not be too tight. It can also twist your feet.
  • When wearing shoes then choose the perfect socks too.

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