This Top 15+ Tips Can Easly Extend Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

The lifetime of a smartphone battery is limited. And up to a certain number of loads. Exactly how much cargoes this depends on, among other things; the circumstances in which the battery has to do its work. so, read the following tips to extend battery life.

15 tips to extend the life of the battery Of Any Android

extend battery life

First Of All, Read the Following 8 Simple and Basic Tips To Extent battery Life:

8 simple tips to extend the life of your battery

It is insurmountable but the life of your battery will deteriorate as you use the radio and that will make the battery drain faster as it gets older. Fortunately, we have some tips to extend the life of your battery!

Provide a cool environment to store your battery

The preference is for room temperature and, of course, the sun. The battery empties faster due to heat.

Do not charge the battery longer than necessary

This prevents the battery from becoming ‘lazy’, which means that the lifespan deteriorates quickly.

Switch off the radio when you are not using it

This way you save power and benefit both your battery and radio.

Lower your volume or use an earpiece

The radio, therefore, uses slightly less energy, which means that the battery will last a little longer.

Keep your conversations short

When your battery is almost empty and you do not have the possibility to charge it, it is advisable to keep the conversations shorter. This way you save a small amount of battery, so you can still be reached.

Buy multiple battery sets

In this way, you charge the batteries less and they will both last longer in life than if you charge 1 battery continuously.

Do not wait until the battery has finished charging

If your radio indicates that the battery is low, it is time to recharge.

Turn off unnecessary functions when you are not using the radio

It often happens that people who do not use the radio temporarily, leave the device fully on and thus also the backlight, volume, etc. etc. No problem, of course, only your battery life will be significantly shortened when you do this.

Hopefully, it will be possible to charge your battery a little less with these tips and you will have a lot of fun with a good working battery in your radio. And always handy: an extra battery when you go out!

How long does the battery of the smartphone actually last?

The number of charges that a smartphone battery lasts is on average between 500 and 1500 charges. And of course, you will want to get as close to 1500 as possible. Something that is quite possible if you think of a few things.

The battery of a smartphone is a lithium-ion battery. A type of battery that has a number of features that make this battery particularly suitable for use in smartphones; but also in laptops and tablets. 

However, the more favorable you make those conditions, the better that will be for the lifetime of the smartphone battery.

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Some of these properties are:

  • Lithium-ion batteries have a low weight compared to other batteries.
  • They hold their load well, causing the battery to drain less slowly when not in use.
  • They do not suffer from memory effect. This makes the battery completely empty before you recharge it is no longer necessary to maintain as high a capacity as possible.
  • They can be charged and discharged hundreds of times before the capacity of the battery is noticeably reduced.

Because of these features, you do not really have to pay attention to how and when you charge the battery of your smartphone. The more so because the battery is connected to electronics that ensure that the battery cannot be discharged too far and that charging stops immediately once the battery is full But even a

lithium-ion battery is not perfect. 


  • This type of battery can withstand heat.
  • When a lithium-ion battery is too far discharged, it is the same piece.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are expensive because electronics are necessary to prevent over-discharging and overcharging.
  • Although the chance is small, a lithium-ion battery can catch fire when it breaks down.

However, especially with the disadvantages just mentioned, you can take advantage of the lifetime of a smartphone battery as long as possible.

How to prolong the battery life of smartphones through correct charging

Much old advice can enter the trash when your smartphone or other device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

For example, when using the smartphone for the first time, it is no longer necessary to fully charge and fully use the battery before recharging the battery; and repeating it a number of times. Something that was supposed to calibrate the battery, so that the maximum charging capacity of the battery became available.

Calibrating the battery indicator is also advisable sometimes when the battery of your smartphone is empty quickly.

Making sure that a battery charge lasts longer is obviously your first gain.

Other measures that can extend the life of a smartphone battery are:

  • Do not charge the battery when the battery or smartphone is hot.
  • Do not leave a smartphone in a hot room, such as a car in full sun.
  • Never use the battery completely.
  • Do not charge the battery up to 100% if this is not necessary.
  • Never leave a smartphone with an empty battery for a long time, but make sure the battery is half charged.
  • To charge the battery, use only a charger that comes with your smartphone and that is intended for your brand and type of smartphone. Because it is only that charger that charges the battery in your smartphone in the right way.

When you take these simple measures, you actually do everything you can to extend the life of a lithium-ion battery.

Because as said, every lithium-ion battery only lasts a limited number of loads. Moreover, at a certain moment, the age of the battery also seems to play a role.

That means that every lithium-ion battery will give it a boost anyway. You can only delay that moment by looking at the battery of your smartphone.

How To Use battery

  • Your battery works optimally when the battery is at room temperature.
  • Charging at temperatures below 10 ° Celsius takes much longer because the chemical process proceeds more slowly at lower temperatures. Charging a Li-ion battery below 5 ° C causes internal damage and shortens its life.
  • Do not charge the Li-ion battery in the full sun or just after a heavy ride where the battery has become hot. Loading at a temperature higher than 30 ° Celsius is at the expense of the lifespan. Wait until the battery has cooled down.
  • Your battery lasts longer with regular use. Little driving in combination with recharging causes an imbalance in the battery management system. Drive your battery completely empty once every 3 months.
  • Only use the quick charger in emergencies. Fast chargers shorten the life of your battery.

Important Tip To Note

Do you drive on your FLYER in the winter months? Charge your battery indoors and place the battery in the bicycle just before departure. The battery is then warm (20 ° C) and will pass the stored energy on to the engine. The use of a battery protective cover is recommended.

Lengthy storage also not using your battery

  • Store the Li-ion battery in a cool dry place between 0 ° and 5 ° Celsius.
  • Charge your Li-ion battery and then run the battery to +/- 70% empty.
  • Storing the Li-ion battery for extended periods at room temperature or higher temperatures speeds up the aging process.
  • Recharge the Li-ion battery fully when you put it back into use.

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