Experience Secure and Anonymous Web-Browsing with Android VPN

Experience Secure and Anonymous Web-Browsing

Experience Secure and Anonymous Web-Browsing

Have you purchased an Android device recently and want to have a secure internet connection for your device? You may be aware of the security risks associated with web browsing using a local wired or wireless internet connection. Therefore, security is a major concern for the users of the mobile device. VPN, Virtual Private Network, provides you with a secure way to surf the web on your mobile from anywhere in the world by hiding your IP address. If you do not want your privacy to be compromised, you should search for the best Android VPN services to minimize the risks involved.


Good VPN Service is Vital

A typical question that would arise in the mind of many people and Android users is the reason for using VPN service. The answer to this question is that a VPN service allows experiencing secure and; anonymous web browsing on your Android device. It becomes vital to utilize this service in order to maintain your privacy and protect your data from hackers as you move between various Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks. Apart from protecting your identity and; internet activity on public Wi-Fi, VPN also enables setting up a foreign IP address that will allow you to access restricted online content, websites and online television from abroad.


How to Choose Android VPN?

There are a number of factors that can help in choosing the best Android VPN service for your device. It is important to avail the best services since they offer complete privacy and; take your anonymity on the internet seriously. Both new and; old Android users will get help in selecting the best Android VPN by considering these factors. Many VPN service providers in the market claim to provide the best Android VPN services. However, the key factors will help in evaluating any Android VPN service provider. Generally, the key factors include level and type of security offered, connection speed, available protocols, an option of gateways, software configuration and; ease of use. Typically, any VPN service is available for monthly payments, while some offer free services with limited packages.

The beginners should know that VPN server has certain protocols and; you will need VPN client software for your Android device to support them. Commonly used protocols are L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), IPSec, SSL, and SSTP.


Evaluate the Best Android VPN Services

Some of the most commonly used Android VPN services are Hidemyass, IPVanish, Pure VPN and; Private Internet Access. All these services offer security by protecting your identity as you surf the web on your Android device. Hidemyass facilitates faster online speed with a large gateway. IPVanish is an affordable Android VPN service offering a unique feature to run two simultaneous connections. Total anonymity is provided by Pure VPN during the online experience and; this service is also compatible with Windows, Apple OS, Linux, and Nokia. Private Internet Access is also an affordable VPN that provides truly anonymous service and; its servers are maintained in Canada, USA, UK, Switzerland, Romania, and the Netherlands.