Do You Know How To Drive More Website Traffic ?

How To Increase Website Traffic

increase traffic

Increase your website Traffic

If you want to Increase your website Traffic via social Media sharing and some other different SEO technique; includes Do-follow article writing which is best for better traffic and Alexa rank. Create your post with according to Search Engine Optimization  (SEO), Create back-links and Get more Traffic and Alexa rank. From article Writing or Social website like back-link via facebook page,,, and lots of other social website. Add custom Robots header tags if you are using blogger, and also use Robots.TXT file for creating rules of Search engine, Using webmaster tools, use google keyword planners for Ideas of high volume Keyword and; many other SEO Technique but in this post I am going to show you how to get more traffic to your website.

In this article, I will show you 16 or more ways in which you can increase traffic to the website. Before starting this post the main thing creating your article with technique and the most important doesn’t publish copy article from another blog or website because Google will not prefer copy written article. if your are using Google Adsense ads or any other AdSense alternatives ads simply Google will detect your blog post and then Disable your AdSense account you lost big career opportunities everything write your own article.


16 Ways You Should Be Sharing Blog Posts To Drive More Website Traffic

Google+ Profile & Google+ Communities

Google + Profile or Google Plus Page is the best ways to Driving website Traffic also Google plus Communities after Creating New website first Create Google plus page or Profile.It is most Popular Social Networking website same like facebook; better thing for you with Google plus account you don’t Need more Gmail Account because it’s property of google; you can easily share your post automatically when you publish new post or share manually this option you can Get if you are using blogger website so, increase your website traffic via Google+ It can be index Quickly in Search Engine.


Stumbleupon is also one of the best Social Network website which you can share your recent post of your content Using Stumble Toolbar. I suggest you to Create account this network and share your resend post because it’s easy to use and manage your content and best for Increase your website traffic.

Facebook profile, Facebook Fan page & Twitter

If you are an owner of the website then first thing Create your Facebook fan page I am not showing about this more because; each and every blogger or companies using this and just I say only without this you can’t do anything also Create Twitter Account and share your Daily post.


With this Network, you can Create, Share anything because it’s biggest professional content community.Make simple Slideshow content presentation related your blog topic post also share your post URL, It’s easy ways to Drive your website Traffic quickly.


Pinterest is one of the Popular Social Networks in which you can make board of your website. this plate form will give you quick Google Search result when anyone searches your post title; if you already share your board, also you can pin it or anyone can pin your post its give you Big Traffic, Create your Pinterest account and Make a Board of related your blog also share images videos links.

Yahoo Answer

Yahoo answer is best ways to make Quality backlink for your website or blog just you need to create an account and give answer people question; it will give you high PR & Increase Alexa rank and Website Traffic, Create your website More Visitors via yahoo answer.


Tumbler one of another Social Platform for sharing your videos links or your post links, It is for better promotion for your website article and Driving your site Traffic.


Medium is one of the best article sharing & publishing websites simply write your own content here and give a link to your website specific post URL; It’s better ways to the promotion of your website or Increase Alexa Rank same like Best Article submission Website.

Flickr one of other images sharing plate form you don’t need more signup if you already have yahoo email account; Simply share your post attractive picture on Flickr website It’s better Promotion Technique for your website.


Share your post or images with URL of your website post link Instagram & Flickr both one posting pictures and get more Visitors to your website.

Reddit is one of the best bookmarking website; you can share your link, Title and Post Description with specific category It will help Google to Index Quickly.

Comments Other Site/blog

For Better Search Results and Increase your Alexa rank you need to Comments on other different blog but with your specific topic commenting site.


MySpace is a Blog community Its Create a Feed for your each blog and Its best place to Increase Alexa rank and growing website Traffic. auto Detect your newly post title and other information and Its will auto share your post social networking website.

LinkedIn one of the popular and oldest Professional Social Networking website in which you can share anything with your link; also Creating Jobs Ad you can use this place Free version or Premium version as well as possible with your need.


If you want to Engaged more Visitors on your website then you must join, It will give you extra Traffic on your website or blog also use Fixya.