Kesari Movie Box Office Collection OF 1ST Day?🔥|| Akshay kumar Movie

Kesari Movie Box Office Collection: 🔥The record made by Akshay Kumar

Kesari Movie Box Office Collection

Kesari Movie First Day Box Office Collection

On the day of Holi, Akshay Kumar-Parineeti Chopra’s film Kesari Movie Box Office Collection has earned great success on the first day.🔥

Kesari Movie First Day Box Office Collection

On the day of Holi, Akshay Kumar-Parineeti Chopra’s film ‘Kesari’ has earned great success on the first day. The film has done a sum of Rs 21.50 crores on Thursday. This is the highest earning film of the first day of 2019. The film has benefited from the release of Holi on the day. Even though on Friday, the film’s earnings fell a little bit, but the film could hold back on Saturday and Sunday.

Highest-Earning Movies On The First Day Of 2019

Kesari– Rs 21.50 crores

Gali Boy – 19.40 Crores

Total Dhamaal– 16.50 crores

Captain Marvel – 13.01 crores

Let us know that Akshay’s film ‘Gold’ had done a business of Rs 25.25 crores on the first day.

Kesari Movie Review

  • Movie Review: Kesari
  • star rating:3.5/5
  • On the Scenes: March 21, 2019
  • Director: Anurag Singh
  • Style: Period Action War Film

War Between

A war was fought between the British-Indian Sikh Regiment and the Afghani Pathans 122 years ago, only a total of 21 Sikh soldiers and ten thousand Afghani Pathans had a war between the pieces which were recorded forever in the pages of history. Went away Akshay Kumar’s release, Keseri, is released on Holi’s occasion, is the story of the same war.

Afghani Pathans Cames For

In Keseri Movie (Also In Reality), it has been shown that Pathans want to enter into India and for surrender all the posts in three Indian checkpoints. first of all, he chooses the Saragirdi regiment. There are 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36 regiment, how they fight against ten thousand Afghani Pathans and win it in the film, it has been shown in a very interesting way.

Drama And Patriotism

When movies are created on subjects like rituals and patriotism, there are more conversations of drama and patriotism in it, but Kesari prevents from doing this. So, the film’s dialogues and screenplays are balanced and the movie from the beginning to the end. Keeps tied.

Hummerous And Different Way Of Movie

The film has been pulled a little long in the beginning but; at that time you will get to see Hummer in the movie, as well as Akshay’s comedy movies, many different moons will show you. In Kesari, touched apart from the fight, for the sake of fingers and Sikhs, the significance of the pain, such as touching the subjects beautifully.

Parineeti Chopra and Akshay Kumar

Parineeti Chopra’s Act

The film has also shown a beautiful relationship with Akshay and Parineeti, Havilder Ishwar Singh became the wife of Akshay Kumar’s role. She is in a special appeal only in the film, she is a part of the Dream sequences of Akshay. Whenever they come to the screen feel a cool breeze.

Akshay Kumar’s Act

Actually, Akshay Kumar has acted in the film, he looks doesn’t like lying loud and overdramatic; he is quite different in the film, his acting in his film is a great act of his career. The co-star of the film is also quite real, everyone will get the whole number in the act.

Anurag Singh (Director)

Anurag Singh, director of the film, will also have to be praised, he has kept every scene Are entertaining, this is his first big Hindi film and He has made it with a complete plan. Earlier, he has made several Hindi film interest-related films.

The film is based on the war, most of the wars and action films lead to the same kind of fight; but this movie does not allow you to disturb your attention during War Sain, every scene is already different.

Amazing Scene

In one scene, Akshay Kumar gives telescope to Rifle and also gives the telescopic gun to the world, seeing this scene; you will not be able to stop yourself from clapping. Many scenes of the film will drown you in patriotism. The film’s climax is also great.

Overall you can play this Kesari Holi on Holi. Indian Peoples And All Audiences is giving this film 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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