know How To Fix Overheating Problem On Laptops

How To Fix Overheating Problem

On Laptops

An overheating laptop can be a quick fix or a chronic problem that leads you to the computer store. Proceed with caution before trying any DIY fixes by shutting down the computer, removing the battery, unplugging the power strip, and grounding yourself. Consider the following topics.

Clearing Up Vents and Fans

cleaning up vents and fans


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A can of compressed air could be the solution to your problem, if the matter is simply an issue of air flow. Unscrew the fan doors on your laptop (consult your user manual for more), and then clean out the obstructions. Tina Sieber recommends cleaning the fan(s) with a cotton swab with a small amount of alcohol. Sometimes, it is merely an accumulation of dust that is restricting air flow and causing your laptop to be overheated.

Opting for the Laptop Cooler

Opting for the Laptop Cooler


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Laptop coolers are designed to help with heating issues. For laptops that “run hot” or have some age, a laptop cooler can provide that extra air flow assistance that is required. However, make sure that the cooler is compatible with your laptop. For instance, as Sieber advises, a laptop with intake grills on the bottom would require a cooler that blows air upwards – into the laptop, which is the key.

Easing the Burden on Computer Processes

Easing the Burden on Computer Processes


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If your laptop is having overheating problems, it could be overworked. In conjunction with one of many possible solutions, a strong strategy is to lighten its processing mode. Take a look at the processes that is present on your computer’s memory, and then eliminate unnecessary programs that are running in the background.

How-To Geek recommends Process Explorer to keep track of processes and the associated CPU usage. It also notes Core Temp for Windows, a lightweight application that can monitor internal temperature. Consider these solutions to gain insight on what’s happening to your system and keep it under control.

Next Steps

laptop heating issue


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Perhaps the preceding methods weren’t helpful. There are plenty of other fixes that could be noted, due to the complexity of the problem and the laptop itself. You may want to search for more information on your specific computer, or head to a computer repair store to get a quick evaluation of the problem.

It could be a sign that your computer is getting up there in age. If the worst looks inevitable, it may be worth eyeing stylish Lenovo laptops instead of pricey repair options and time-consuming DIY measures. Take a look at your options to make the best choice for your needs.

Overall, overheating laptops can be a minor annoyance or a sizeable problem. While a number of potential fixes can do the trick, some are not so lucky. Consider how you can proceed with your current computer before thinking about moving onto something new. If your current computer requires a pricey repair, you could be halfway towards the cost of a “cool” new unit.