10 Real ways to earn money at home

Real ways to earn money at home

These are some of the best jobs you can do from home, experts say.

Real ways to earn money at home

Real ways to earn money at home

Music reviewer

Who knew they could pay you to listen to music? Slicethepie is the largest payment review site on the Internet that pays you to listen to music and write detailed reviews. How much you will earn per review varies based on the quality of your review. A.k.a. The more detailed and constructive, the better. The minimum payment is $10, so once you have reviewed enough songs to earn at least $10, your money will be sent to you through a direct payment through PayPal.


To qualify for this job, it is better to be a skilled communicator, well organized and have experience in customer service. Some companies outsource their cold calling campaigns to third parties that hire home workers to make calls.

Typically, telemarketers are paid by the hour, and can earn incentives and commissions based on performance. Companies that hire home workers include Intrep.com and Indeed. Keep in mind that a legitimate company will not normally require you to pay a fee to obtain information or potential customers.

Surveyor Or Survey Taker

Surveyor Or Survey Taker

There are many opportunities for scams in this industry, so you have to be careful. Avoid giving companies your confidential information or paying fees in advance, as they are likely to be fraudulent.

However, there are opportunities to earn money at home through job surveys of legitimate companies. The substitute teacher of the elementary school, Andrea España, and her mother, Bonnie Alcala, conduct online surveys for two hours a week and charge around $100 a month in cash, gift cards and other prizes.

If you have a little free time and want to save for a family vacation, try any of these green-lit websites:

Kitchen host

Sites like Cookening, EatWith and MealSharing are for restaurants and Airbnb for hotels. Register as a host to earn money cooking and serving meals to the guests in your home. It depends on you what you want to cook and how many people you can accommodate. Cooks receive their payment directly through the site, so the cash never changes hands. The income potential to become a cooking host is $50 to $100 per meal.

Writer, editor, or proofreader

Everyone says you’re a fantastic writer, is not it time you get paid? According to Durst, good writing is in Request or demand, especially or specifically for online content. Good independent writing websites to find job openings include JournalismJobs.com, upwork.com and MediaBistro.com. If you have experience as an editor, writer or copy editor, go to editfast.com to find independent opportunities in these areas. The average rates are $32, $28 and $26 per hour for remote writing, editing and review work, respectively.

Employee data entry

Register on sites like Clickworker and The Smart Crowd to complete virtual jobs such as data search, data entry, translation and testing. According to ZipRecruiter.com, the average Per 60 Minute rate for this Work is $19.

Website or application tester

Virtual workers visit and explore new websites, perform several simple tasks on the site and provide comments and criticism. The usertesting, for example, pays you $10 through PayPal for each round of 20 minutes that you complete. You can earn up to $60 per test, and it’s up to you how much work you’d like to take on each month.


Go to TranscribeMe to earn up to $22 per hour of audio to transcribe files, with the best monthly earnings of $2,200. Competitors like Scribie pay between $5 and $25 per hour, and some Fiverr.com members offer medical transcription services for $30 per hour of audio.




DogVacayRover, and Petsit combine dog sitters with people who need someone to take care of their hair babies while they are out of town. Participants set their own rates and schedules, and can choose to see the puppies in their own home or in the owner’s house. According to Pettsitter.com, most pet sitters earn between $14 and $19 per hour.

Online or expert guide

If your friends are looking for advice on things you are passionate about, like choosing the best car, repairing appliances or making a killer cheesecake, listen: No matter what your area of ​​expertise, consider becoming an online provider. expert guide

The guides are autonomous with the ability to communicate well. At JustAnswer.com, users agree to pay the answers to their questions from trusted sources.