Do You Know Top Smartphone brands in the world in 2019

Top Smartphone brands in the world

Smartphone brands in the world


There are many of the best smartphones in the world with advanced features but; some of them outperform others in terms of their overall sales around the world. With the importance of smartphones in the lives of the majority of the population, the industry has experienced an evolution in 2019; and the competition has become even tougher. Smartphone designs have been revolutionized in recent years, changing the popularity ratings of different companies.

As a result, we’ve come to see a lot of aggressiveness in the way new phones are launched to the market every two days. Below is a summary of the world’s top 10 smartphone brands in 2019, based on brand valuation and revenue data.


Samsung still maintains its leading position in the smartphone industry as the preferred phone brand. A subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, the brand sends more than 300 million units a year. This represents approximately 30% of the total sales of mobile phones in the market.

Today he focuses on smartphones with Android; although he still designs and produces a considerable number of analog phones. His Samsung Galaxy series is the brand of his current signature, and most of the sales are within this series. Samsung is present in about 100 countries. Due to the absolute dominance and the broad portfolio, it is the best brand of smartphones in the market.


This is easily one of the most popular and recognized smartphone brands in the world. With a strong presence in some 40 countries, along with some 100 exclusive store locations in some 15 countries, Apple sells just over 200 million units each year.

Apple was founded in the 1970s, but its distinctive product, the iPhone that was launched in 2007 by Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple), is what led the company to the global playground. The iPhone series is popular due to its large number of functions, its durability and the fact that it is elegant to have an iPhone. Due to its differentiation advantage, Apple is the second highest smartphone brand in the world.


Huawei has not been left behind in the search to claim a significant portion of cake in the 10 best smartphone brands in the world in the compilation of 2019. A company formed in China, Huawei is a market leader in telecommunications equipment and manufacturers of phones in the world.

Its strong presence is found in segments such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and broadband, etc. With around 75,000 people employed exclusively for research and development; it can now be understood why the company is constantly producing advanced phones. Huawei sells around 100 million units a year.


With nearly 70,000 units sold annually, Lenovo is a subsidiary of Motorola that has strong financial support for research and development. Most of the company’s operations are focused on the design and manufacture of cell phones. One of the unique selling points of the product is the unique value proposition in which the user has the option to personalize the phone according to their needs and requirements.


Xiaomi, one of the newest companies to enter an industry with a great impact, was just established in 2010; but has managed to penetrate the global market through its strong workforce, composed of more than 8,000 workers. Xiaomi has managed to establish itself as a force to count in large markets such as China and India and with a significant presence in Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, and Thailand, among others. With more than 65 million units of export, it is one of the 10 best smartphone brands in the world in 2019.


LG is well known not only for its mobile telephony but also for other electronic devices and devices. It is known for its products for smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, and smart watches, etc. Its most popular mobile phone brands include the G Series, the K Series, the LG Tribute, the LG G Flex, and the LG Nexus. LG sells around 60 million units a year.


This is the third Chinese mobile phone company. And This Is in the list of the 10 best mobile phone brands in the world in 2019. Its product portfolio is rich in products such as telephones, telecommunications services, tablets, and smartphones. The company targets low income to advanced middle-class classes with a few premium high-end devices that are also within its portfolio. It sells about 55 million units each year.